Print Quality

At we are committed to quality which is why we use a 9-colour print process to produce the widest possible colour gamut. This ensures that the bright and vibrant colours in our designs are faithfully reproduced in print. 

We print on the highest grade art-quality paper for a high-end finish and for prints that look good for years to come.

Unlike other map designers we re-draw maps at range of macro or micro zoom focus levels that means our designs have appropriately scaled features and an appropriate level of detail no matter what size of print we produce. This allows for great looking city, town, or even street level artwork in sizes from A5 (smallest) to A0 (largest). No matter the size, the print will be sharp and features such as roads will have appropriate thickness. 

For our maps we have selected some minimal and more contrasting colour palettes to create a range of styles including options that fit well with colour scheme of almost any room.